Oct 7th Introducing POS Hardware Store

As your business grows and becomes more complex, we know it’s important for you to have hardware tools that scale to meet your needs as well as those of your employees and your customers. That’s why we’re introducing Invotide POS Hardware Store to make it easier for you to buy POS (Point of Sale) hardware accessories for your business that ... Read More »

Oct 1st New Point Of Sale Application For Restaurants, Laundry And Service Businesses

We are happy to announce that the basic plan packages now includeds point of sale solutions for restaurants, laundry and service businesses. If you run a restaurant or a service oriented business and need an invoicing solution for your bueiness, you can subscribe for the Invotide basic plan. Once you signup, our technical team will setup the POS / ... Read More »

Sep 25th Bulk SMS Service Now Available To Basic Plan Subscribers

We are happy to announce that free SMS service has been added to Invotide retail POS software, now clients on the basic plan will be able to send bulk SMS to their customers through the POS dashboard. To send SMS just navigate to the SMS page by selecting SMS from Main menu. See screenshot below.To see a demo of our services, check this page - ... Read More »

Sep 22nd New User Guide For Basic Plan Subscribers

We are happy to announce that a user guide section has been added to the knowledgebase for Invotide POS application. Clients who subscribe for Invotide basic plan can now easily setup the POS application for their business using the knowledgebase. See a screenshot below on how to access the knowledgebase from your POS account. You can also access ... Read More »

Sep 21st New Graphics Design Services

For sometime, we have noticed that most clients that signup for our ecommerce website packages request for some kind of graphics design services from our technical team. To this end, we have launched a new setup package which will be included with the Basic and Standard plans, this setup package costs one-time fee of N30,000 and includes the ... Read More »

Sep 15th Android/iOS Mobile App Push Notification Feature Updated

We are happy to announce that we have updated the Android/iOS app push notification feature, now you longer have to log in to your Firebase account to be able to send push notification as you can now send push notification directly from your admin panel. To send push notification follow the steps below.In your admin panel, select "Mobile Apps" ... Read More »

Sep 13th Introducing Self-Managed Website Addon

For clients who want to be able to upload contents into their website by themselves or need full access to website advanced settings, we are happy to announce that we have launched a Self-Managed Website Addon to enable clients who don't want our technical team to manage their websites to take over the management of their websites. Once you ... Read More »

Sep 11th Free Bulk SMS Service, Admin Panel Dashboard Updated

We are happy to announce that the admin panel dashboard for our retail business clients has been updated. You will notice that the new admin panel is designed to be simple, technical features like managing your products and advanced settings have been removed so you can focus on managing orders and marketing your products while our technical ... Read More »

Sep 10th New Website Maintenance Service

Website/mobile apps maintenance is a pre-requisite for a business to harness a vibrant and interminable online presence. Constantly updated quality content improves the interest of the viewers and maintains a good flow of traffic. Your website has to be checked regularly for bugs, efficient functioning of all the pages, current images and many ... Read More »

Sep 7th Introducing Basic Plan For Supermarkets, Retail And Service Businesses

At Invotide, we pay precise attention to our users’ expectations and appreciate their patience. As meeting our customers’ needs remains our priority, we are happy to announce the launch of our new Basic Plan (Point of sale application) to cater for offline businesses, brick and mortar stores like supermarkets.The new Basic plan goes for ... Read More »