Mar 29th COVID-19: Start Your Online Store, Get 50% Discount

These are difficult times for business owners. At Invotide, we understand the struggles facing businesses as a result of COVID-19 outbreak and we want to help in any way we can. To make it easier for business owners to move their businesses online, we’re slashing the setup fee for the online store and mobile apps packages down by 50% through ... Read More »

Mar 23rd Android And iOS Mobile Apps Now Included On All Plans

M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) offers the simplest way of reaching out to a larger customer base and increasing the sales of your online store. Nothing can beat the importance of mobile stores when it comes to acquiring customer loyalty for an online business, especially in the era of convenience-seeking customers. Having a mobile app for your ... Read More »

Feb 3rd Sell Subscriptions And Offer Bookings

One popular request we receive is the ability to sell subscriptions and bookable services. Today, we are happy to announce that you can now sell product bookings and subscriptions through your online store. To learn more about how to setup the new modules in your store admin panel, click the links below. — How To Setup Product Subscription ... Read More »

Dec 2nd Try New Mobile App Demo

We are happy to announce that you can now download and test the new Invotide Android/iOS mobile app demo from the app store. To get started select your device platform below.Android App - App - you already have an Invotide ... Read More »

Nov 21st Introducing WhatsApp Shopping

WhatsApp is turning into a place to shop, not just a place to communicate. In addition to being able to chat with business owners and workers on WhatsApp through dedicated accounts created through WhatsApp Business, users can now browse their product catalogs without ever leaving the application.  Acccording to Whatsapp team, this will save ... Read More »

Oct 14th Introducing New POS Register

Start selling right out of the box with point-of-sale software, and powerful hardware designed as one seamless system. Invotide POS Register is a fully integrated point-of-sale terminal, built from scratch to give you more power, more speed, and more reliability — no extra tablets or apps required. The new POS Register features a customer ... Read More »

Sep 5th Introducing New Marketplace Addon Module

If you never want to lose your customer and always looking for measures to keep them happy, then switching your online store into Marketplace is the best choice. Marketplace will help you to enhance the audience circle as customers of different taste and preference will come to buy stuff from your online store. Allowing multiple vendors to sell ... Read More »

Sep 2nd New Mobile App Manager

The Android/iOS mobile app manager module has been updated to make it easy for clients to change mobile app settings and send push notifications directly from admin panel. To access the mobile apps manager, login to your store admin panel and click the "Mobile Apps" menu under the "Sales Channels" section. See screenshot below for details. Please ... Read More »

Aug 13th Help Section Now Available In Admin Panel

One of the top requests we get from clients about Invotide is to add a help section that will make it easier for them to setup their store. We are happy to announce that a new help section has been added to the Invotide admin panel, now every new client can access the help section by clicking the "Help" button on any page within the Admin Panel ... Read More »

Jul 10th Secure Your Customers And Staff Account With Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (also known as Two-step authentication) provides a more secure login process because when you or your customers attempts to sign in, you'll have to provide the following information: The account password. A single-use authorization code generated by a mobile app. This is like a cash withdrawal machine at the bank, ... Read More »