Great news! We’re excited to announce the launch of a new automated website deployment system. With the addition of an autmated deployment system, you no longer have to wait once you signup for the standard plan as your ecommerce website and POS software will be deployed automatically once subscription is activated (Please note that Android/iOS mobile app deployment is not automated as we will require you to provide additional information).

Also, the website setup fee is now optional as clients signing up for the standard plan are no longer mandated to pay a setup fee. Clients who want the website setup assistance service will still be able to select it as an addon when signing up. We understand that many clients who are developers want an automated solution to enable them offer Invotide as a service to their customers. With this upgrade, clients signing up for the Standard plan will be able to get their websites activated within 15 minutes after signup, we have simplifed the signup process to make it easier for clients to use.

We will also no longer offer the Invotide Basic plan. This change was made due to feedback we recieved as many clients who subscribe for the basic plan always ask to be upgraded to the Standard plan after trying out the service. Now clients will get a POS software that is integrated to their ecommerce website when they signup for the Standard plan. In accordance with this change, all clients who are currently on the Basic plan will be automatically upgraded to the Standard plan at no extra cost.

We now offer only the Standard and Premium plan to all prospective and current customers. To learn more about each plan, check the link below.

Please note that clients who only want a POS software or a customized website and mobile application will need to subscribe for the Premium plan.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question by sending email to or submitting a ticket. We will do our best to resolve any issue as fast as possible.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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