We are happy to announce the launch of a 30 day free trial plan for new clients signing up for Invotide. If you want to try Invotide before committing to an active monthly plan, then you can now sign up for a free 30-day trial. Your free trial begins when you first sign up, not when you start working on your website. You won't lose any of the work you complete on your website during your free trial when you choose to upgrade to the Standard plan.

You can set up your website during the free trial, but you need to upgrade to the Standard plan before you start selling your products or services. If you don't upgrade manually to Standard plan at the end of your free trial, your subscription will be upgraded to Standard plan automatically and an invoice will be generated once free trial ends. You will need to pay for the invoice to activate the Standard plan. If you don't pay for the invoice generated at the end of your free trial, then your website will be suspended and you will not be able to continue working on it until you make payment for the Standard plan.

If you want to cancel your Invotide account during your free trial and you haven't activated the Standard plan, you will need to submit a ticket through your client account requesting a cancellation of your free trial or follow the steps below to cancel your free trial.

Log in to your client account on this page https://www.invotide.com/client/

- After logging into your client account, select "My Services" from the "Services" drop down menu as shown in the screenshot below.

On the "My Products & Services" page, select the active 7 Day Free Trial service you want to cancel as shown in the screenshot below.

Click the "Cancel" button on the next page and proceed to fill the cancellation request form as shown in the screenshots.


Once you submit cancellation form, our support team will process your request and terminate your free trial. If you need help upgarding or canceling your subscription, please contact the Invotide support team by sending email to support@invotide.com or submitting a ticket through your client account.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

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