We're excited to inform you that a new website performance optimization tool is now active for all clients on the Standard or Premium plan using the Invotide retail platform.

Optimizer is a feature-rich website speed optimization tool for Invotide. It is tightly integrated with Google PageSpeed Insights. It is designed to boost your website page loading speed, increase your SEO, SEM, enhance your Google and Yahoo rankings, and improve overall user experience.

Integrated Google PageSpeed Score

Optimizer checks your website performance using Google PageSpeed improves the speed of your website.

Plenty of Powerful Features

Optimizer features a custom made Page Cache, adjustable Gzip, JavaScript and CSS compression, Amazon CloudFront, CloudFlare CDN, CSS and JavaScript minification, powerful Browser and Proxy Cache, System Cache with plenty of features and settings under the hood.

Complete Makeover for Your Invotide Store

Your Invotide store will love Optimizer. With Optimizer, the minimized page serve time will be up to 5000 times faster, HTTP traffic up to 80% lower and your website overall performance - 30 times faster.

Increase Business Efficiency

Optimizer helps you boost your page loading speed, increasing your SEO, SEM. This will enhance your visitors user experience, increasing your conversion rate, search engine rankings in Google PageRank, Bing and Yahoo Rankings. Optimizer works towards increasing your online store business efficiency.

Boost Sales

After optimization with Optimizer Cache, a visitor sees 30% more pages which raises the money they spend while shopping on your website.

How do I activate Optimizer?
You won't need to do anything to get Optimizer as it is live on all Invotide client ecommerce websites, you can try it out by performing a speed test on your website, you will notice your website now loads 100 times fasters.

Feel free to contact us if you experience any issue with the new checkout form by submitting a ticket through your client account and we will do our best to resolve it as fast as possible

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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