You can now connect your OneSignal account with your Invotide store, enabling you to send web push notifications to your customers. The OneSignal module provide easy integration for OneSignal web push notifications with your Invotide store. It enables visitors to subscribe and receive web push notifications sent via OneSignal. Admin user can enable or disable subscription icon, adjust position, adjust size of icon, enable or disable auto register etc. all from settings page (This feature is available to only clients on the Standard plan). See a screenshot below on how to access the OneSignal module in your admin panel.

  1. In order to integrate you need to maintain a valid account with OneSignal. To create OneSignal account, click here
  2. Website must have a valid SSL certificate. OneSignal web push don’t work on sites with no SSL certificates. Your Invotide store already has SSL certificate.

Setting Up OneSignal Application

When creating App in OneSignal dashboard, there are three available options on the top: "Typical Site", "Wordpress" and "Custom Code". Make sure to click "Custom Code" option in order to customize the bell icon e.g enabling/disabling, positioning etc. from Invotide admin panel.

If you don't select the "Custom Code" option, the default settings will be applied and you will not be able to customize OneSignal settings from Invotide admin panel.

You can enable custom code from OneSignal dashboard for existing apps as well. Go to OneSignal dashboard, Select the app and click on "settings", select the "Custom Code" option and save.

Once you've setup OneSignal, you can enable users to subscribe by clicking "Bell" button or using the browser native feature, see screenshots below.

See screenshot of web push notification subscription icon below.

Feel free to contact us if you experience any issue by sending email to or submitting a ticket. We will do our best to resolve any issue as fast as possible.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

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