Sep 21st New Graphics Design Services

For sometime, we have noticed that most clients that signup for our ecommerce website packages request for some kind of graphics design services from our technical team. To this end, we have launched a new setup package which will be included with the Standard plan as an optional addon, this setup package has a one-time fee and includes the ... Read More »

Sep 15th Android/iOS Mobile App Push Notification Feature Updated

We are happy to announce that we have updated the Android/iOS app push notification feature, now you longer have to log in to your Firebase account to be able to send push notification as you can now send push notification directly from your admin panel. To send push notification follow the steps below.In your admin panel, select "Mobile Apps" ... Read More »

Sep 11th Free Bulk SMS Service

We have launched a free SMS service, now all our clients on the standard plan will be able to receive SMS notification everytime they get a new order and can also send bulk SMS to their customers through the admin panel. To send SMS just navigate to the SMS page by selecting SMS from Marketing drop down. See screenshot below.Please feel free to ... Read More »

Sep 7th Introducing Basic Plan For Supermarkets, Retail And Service Businesses

At Invotide, we pay precise attention to our users’ expectations and appreciate their patience. As meeting our customers’ needs remains our priority, we are happy to announce the launch of our new Basic Plan (Point of sale application) to cater for offline businesses, brick and mortar stores like supermarkets.The new Basic plan goes for ... Read More »

Aug 2nd Demo Websites And Mobile Apps Updated

We have redesigned the Invotide demo websites and mobile apps to enable those interested in using our services to test. Please feel free to browse through the demo below. Should you have any question, we encourage you to get in-touch with us. Thank you! Here is link to Android/iOS Mobile App Demo - Here is link to Retail ... Read More »

Jul 11th New Packages For Travel Agencies And Logistics Businesses Now Available

Do you operate a travel agency or run a parcel delivery business? We are happy to announce that Invotide can now provide websites for these type of businesses. To get started just signup for any of our Standard plan and select the "Travel" or "Logistics" package while signing up, we will deploy a website to support your travel agency or parcel ... Read More »

Jul 4th New Standard Plan Packages Now Available

We are happy to announce that the standard plan now supports different types of businesses. Users can now get an ecommerce website for their hotel, real estate, school, laundry or service businesses. These new packages come with a startup support service that will enable our technical team to take the stress off clients by setting up ecommerce ... Read More »

Jun 28th Watch A Video On How To Setup Point Of Sale Application

Invotide POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software that lets business owners process sales in-store, offline and on-the-go. It refers to a system where the business owner can create the order from his physical store using the POS system and the order will be generated in the Invotide admin panel. The Basic feature of the ... Read More »

Jun 22nd Product Embed Tool And Professional Services Now Available

We're VERY excited to announce the launch of the first ever embeddable product tool for Invotide. It's an exclusive feature for users on the Invotide retail platform, and we think it's going to be a game changer for businesses.   With one click, go from anywhere; your blog, ANY other blog or website, an email, a tweet, a description in a ... Read More »

Jun 11th About Live Chat Module

Invotide Live Chat is a module that allows you to start online discussions with your customers. It is similar to but with our live chat module you don't need to create third-party account to use the module as it does not use any other third-party services. The module allows transparent and efficient way to approach your customers and ... Read More »