Jun 28th Watch A Video On How To Setup Point Of Sale Application

Invotide POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software that lets business owners process sales in-store, offline and on-the-go. It refers to a system where the business owner can create the order from his physical store using the POS system and the order will be generated in the Invotide admin panel. The Basic feature of the ... Read More »

Jun 22nd New Product Embed Tool

We're VERY excited to announce the launch of the first ever embeddable product tool for Invotide. It's an exclusive feature for users on the Invotide retail platform, and we think it's going to be a game changer for businesses.   With one click, go from anywhere; your blog, ANY other blog or website, an email, a tweet, a description in a ... Read More »

Jun 7th Affiliate Program Now Available

We know you work hard for your clients and we’re very grateful that you consider Invotide as their ecommerce solution. We are happy to announce the launch of Invotide affiliate program.The Invotide Affiliate System is a revenue share between you, the affiliate, and Invotide. The system allows you refer clients to Invotide and share 30% of ... Read More »

Jun 1st Benefits Of Mobile App Marketing

If you’re in charge of marketing for an SME, you’re probably at least considering whether or not your business needs a mobile app. With something like 1.4 million apps each in Google Play and the App Store, you might also be thinking the market is saturated, so why bother? Or maybe you already invested time and resources into building an ... Read More »