Zebra LP 2824 Plus/ZD410 Label Printer

Windows Setup

  1. You will need to download driver @ Zebra's web site
  2. Once installed you will need to follow the below steps to setup in Chrome + Firefox

Firefox setup

  1. In firefox click the menu button at top right of screen (three horizontal bars) (as shown below)

Firefox setup menu

  1. Choose Print
  2. Click Page Setup (Make sure print background images is unchecked)
  3. Click Margins & Header/Footer
  4. Set all margins to 0.
  5. Set Headers and Footers to --Blank-- as shown below

Page setup for margins + headers/footers


Chrome Setup

  1. In Chrome click the menu button at top right of screen (three vertical dots) (as shown below) and choose Print

Chrome menu

  1. In the dialog the pops up; match your settings on left dialog as shown in image below (**You will need to click the link more settings to reveal margins and paper size)

Dialog for printer settings

  1. You can now print and that is IT!

Mac OS X 3rd party driver setup

For Mac OS X you will need a 3rd party driver if you cannot get the below steps to work. This can be obtained at the Peninsula Group’s website. They will be able to help you install and print the barcodes in Invotide pos.


Mac OS X Native Setup (Doesn't work on newer versions of Mac OS X)

  1. Turn on printer sharing in system preferences --> Sharing
  2. Open terminal app and type:
    sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes
    type an administrator password. NOTE: This will not give you feedback as you type. After you type password hit enter
  3. Go to http://localhost:631/admin in browser
  4. Click Add printer Type in computer username nand password
  5. For local printer choose "Zebra Technologies ZTC LP 2824 Plus (Zebra Technologies ZTC LP 2824 Plus)" then continue'
  6. Choose Zebra ZPL Label Printer (en) then add printer
  7. Choose media of 2x1 and resoltuo

My Zebra label printer is skipping labels

  1. Hold down the feed button until it flashes.
  2. The light will flash in a series of flashes wait for the group of 2 flashes and then release the button.
  3. Press the feed button and one label should be fed. Now try printing again.

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