Apr 13th Introducing New SMS Portal

We’ve launched a new bulk SMS portal to offer additional features to all active Invotide users. Now you can schedule SMS messages, purchase SMS credits using multiple currencies, send SMS messages to any country you want using our new SMS gateway and manage contact marketing lists. All existing Invotide SMS service users have been migrated to ... Read More »

Mar 31st New MailChimp Integration And Product Low Stock Alert Module

Now you can automatically send newsletter subscription information from your Invotide ecommerce website to your MailChimp newsletter list behind the scenes, making it easier to manage your MailChimp account. Customers will be synced during registration, checkout, and when admin user perform actions in the admin panel. The new MailChimp module also ... Read More »

Mar 24th Sell Everywhere Using QR Codes

A QR Code, or quick response Code, is a Code that is quickly readable by a mobile device (hence the word “quick” in the name). Using a combination of spacing as a type of Matrix Barcode (a 2-D Barcode), when a QR Code is scanned, it conveys a wide multitude of information. QR Codes have a wide range of uses across all types of industries such ... Read More »

Mar 21st Free Plan Offer Has Ended

In January, we introduced a free plan offer with a target to help business owners take their businesses online by creating a free online store. We want to let you that this promo offer has ended as all slots are now fully booked. If you still want to try the service, you can sign up for the 30 day trial using this link ... Read More »

Mar 20th Chat Request Added To Custom Packages

Since we launched advanced payments feature for custom packages, one major request we received was to simplify the ordering process. To address this issue, we have removed the setup forms so client ordering custom packages will no longer be required to make advance payment or fill a setup form, you only need to choose request type after selecting ... Read More »

Feb 23rd Advance Payment Now Available For Custom Packages

We’re happy to announce that a new billing structure is now available for Invotide custom packages. If you don't need an online store, you can choose to sign up for a customized e-commerce solution and you won't need to pay full setup fee amount as you can now make deposit payment to place your order. E-commerce packages for restaurants, ... Read More »

Feb 17th New Drag And Drop Product Image Manager

We're excited to inform you that a new drag and drop product image manager is now active on all Invotide online stores. As a result of this update, you can upload product images simply by dragging images into your product edit page.The new drag and drop image manager makes it easy to add multiple images for your products. It is designed to improve ... Read More »

Feb 3rd Prepare Your Online Store For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day - the holiday of love, is rapidly approaching. As a matter of fact, people all over the world spend a lot on this special day to send gifts to their loved ones. Apart from traditional presents such as a box of chocolates or flowers, people these days also splurge on a wide range of products for this romantic day, from fashion ... Read More »

Jan 17th Introducing Self-Hosted Custom Packages

Since we launched the e-commerce custom packages for restaurants, logistics and other service businesses, one major request has been to provide an option to enable clients to host platform on their own server. We're glad to announce that you can now choose if you want us to setup your customized eCommerce platform on your own server or if you ... Read More »

Jan 10th New Website Performance Optimization Framework

We're excited to inform you that a new website performance optimization module is now active on all Invotide online stores. As a result of this update, your online store now loads faster and better.The new website optimizer module is a feature-rich website speed optimization tool for Invotide platform. It is tightly integrated with Google ... Read More »