POS Hardware

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Receipt Printers

The recommended receipt printer for Invotide POS software is the Star TSP 100IIU ECO using the Firefox browser, Chrome browser , or Safari browser. Although this is the recommended printer, you can try your own on the demo site to see if it will work correctly by following the setup instructions.
If you would like to print from your mobile device, we recommend the Star TSP100III Wireless OR STAR TSP 100 LAN printer. These printers connected with your LAN's router and your iOS/Android devices automatically discovers the printer.

On iOS we support air print printers. This means any device that has air print you can now print to directly from our app!

Cash Drawers

The only types of cash drawers that are possible to support (that open automatically) are the ones that connect to a receipt printer such as Star Micronics CD3 1616.

Gift Cards

Giftcards are a great way to make sure customers keep coming back! We recommend SureGifts.com.ng to provide customizable gift cards. You can order gift cards directly from them.

Barcode scanners

Almost any barcode scanner will work (on Desktop computer) as long as it can read code-128 and programmed to hit return after scanning. You can test out your barcode scanner using UPC codes or the system generated barcodes in the demo for Invotide POS.

We support the Socket Mobile 7Ci Barcode bluetooth barcode scanner on iOS + Android (This is the ONLY scanner we support for mobile). This works by downloading our app and paring the device. This allows seamless use of the scanner in many parts of the program including sales and inventory counting!

Label Printers/Paper

We support the Zebra Thermal ZD410 USB/Ethernet Barcode Printer using 2"x1" labels
If you are using a Mac you will need to also purchase a 3rd party driver from the Penisula Group.

You can also print barcodes from inket and laser printer using Avery 8160 (inkjet) or Avery 5160 (laser) paper.