Build your online store

Create the perfect online shopping experience

Invotide makes it easy to build an online store for your business. Design a professional template, add unlimited number of products, and customize your shopping cart with the right payment and shipping solutions. Create an eCommerce website that will display beautifully on any device so your customers can browse and order everywhere.


Sell Online

Manage sales, promotions and store administration

Invotide will help you to simplify the daily management for your business so you can sell more and deliver a great customer experience. Built-in SEO features make it easy to soar to the top of search results. Promotions can be quickly added to categories, best-sellers, and shipping fees. A centralized back office simplifies your day-to-day store administration.


Sell On Your Faceboook Page

Enable Facebook E-commerce with your Invotide store

Set up a Facebook store to connect with millions of Facebook users from across the globe. Your online store comes with a Facebook eCommerce module which is simple to set up and enables you to add e-commerce capabilities to your Facebook page in just minutes. Business owners of all skill and experience levels can enjoy the benefits of selling on Facebook using Invotide.


Sell On Instagram

Showcase your products with your Instagram Store

Reach 1 billion Instagram users longing for products like yours with Shoppable Instagram posts. Set up your Instagram shop in minutes to sell everything from shoes to clothes. Whether your Instagram shop is a hobby or full-time effort, Invotide makes it easy to promote your products to engaged Instagram shoppers. Your product catalog is synchronized with your Facebook and Instagram accounts automatically.


Sell Offline

Manage offline sales using Point of Sale Software

Using Invotide point of sale software you can browse your catalog, pick products, process customer sales and print receipts. Invotide POS Software also enables your sales agent or cashier to work in offline mode. Your cashier will be able to process transactions without the use of the internet. This feature will be very helpful if your physical store is located in an area with poor internet connectivity.


Sell On Google

Publish your products on Google Merchant Center

Get your products to the top of the world's most powerful search engine with Invotide's automated Google Shopping solution. Invotide's integration with Google Shopping will automatically sync your products, shipping, and tax settings with Google Merchant Center. This will make it easier for you to start your advertising campaign and promote your products using Google Adwords.


Reach Customers With SMS Messaging

Boost sales with bulk SMS marketing

Serve and connect with your customers more effectively with their favorite way of talking with each other. Invotide SMS platform offers SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled device to your customers. Our SMS gateway connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide, making it easy to reach your customer all over the world.


Offer Online Booking

Manage customer appointments and reservations

Whether you run a laundry, salon or cleaning business, Invotide makes it easy to sell your services online. Supercharge your appointment bookings by allowing customers to book appointments and make reservations through your online store. Allow your clients to book, cancel or reschedule their own appointment bookings anytime and anywhere.


Grow your online revenue

Increase sales through marketing and international commerce

The marketing tools in Invotide will help you to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. You can expand into new markets by using our extensive cross-border features. You can connect your store to local and international marketplaces. There are many ways to grow your revenue with Invotide.


Accept Payments. Globally

Manage payments using world's top gateways

Invotide integrates with many popular payment gateways to accept credit cards, enabling merchants to accept mobile and online payments from buyers worldwide.


Streamline your business to go even further

Customize your store and scale your business

As you expand your business, Invotide will support your future requirements. You can add new features in a matter of minutes using Addons modules or request custom modules using our customization services. The multi-store management will help you run multiple stores from one location.


Free corporate email accounts

Get a power-packed email suite for your company

Boost your corporate image with a professional yourname@yourcompany.com e-mail account. Each email account comes with unlimited storage, inbuilt virus protection, collaboration tools and works on mobile devices. Get up to 20 free corporate email accounts when you signup for Invotide Monthly and Yearly plans.


Simple, Powerful Advertising Network

Promote your business on popular social networks

Harnessing the power of online marketing is one of the best things a business owner can do. Being able to easily advertise to thousands of people around the world can be all it takes to push your sales over the edge. Get more traffic, leads and sales to your store with Invotide advertising platform. Invotide Ads Network help drive customers to your store by placing sponsored post about your business on popular search engines and social networks.


Put your business in your customer's pocket

Supercharge sales with Android and iOS mobile applications

Using Invotide mobile applications, your customers can shop from their mobile devices with your own dedicated native mobile apps and utilize advanced features like push notifications. Invotide mobile apps will allow you to cover 90% of all mobile customers by publishing your synchronized store app on both iOS and Android platforms.


Take your business to the next level with Invotide

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